Jiggy 2000 – 2012

Jan Rasmusen’s beloved dog Jiggy was diagnosed with autoimmune liver disease after rabies vaccination and multiple “puppy shots.”  He was less than a year old then and was still doing relatively well at age 12. Numerous veterinarians who treated Jiggy believe that vaccination likely set off his disease. (Autoimmune disease is a recognized vaccine reaction.) His disease spurred Jan’s research and ebook cover ready smallsubsequent advocacy and inspired her multiple national-award-winning book — a 5-Star #2 Amazon Bestseller in dog care — Scared Poopless: The Straight Scoop on Dog Care.  Scared is now available in the original paperback and the newly updated and expanded e-book readable on any computer or tablet with a free Kindle app.

Taking care of Jiggy was an education in itself.  For 11 years, he received quarterly blood draws and vet checks plus ultrasounds, CT scans and biopsies. He had every integrative treatment imaginable from more than a dozen vets. To all outsiders he appeared healthy, but his blood values remained off the chart. (The liver enzymed ALT alone was more than 2300 for years; normal is around 100.)

In 2010, a surgeon removed a large malignant tumor removed from his liver; 8 months later, Jiggy developed two bladder lesions — diagnosed by four veterinary specialists as likely being malignant transitional cell carsinoma (TCC). (Tissue samples have been sent to a lab.) With aggressive holistic treatment, growth of remaining liver lesions and bladder growth stopped — and one bladder tumor completely vanished from his latest ultrasound.

Jan, right, with Drs. Jean Dodds and Ron Schultz at Jan’s Safer Pet Vaccination Benefit Seminar

Jan has long wanted a not-for-profit website where pet lovers and pet professionals could find reliable, evidence-based information on vaccination.  This website began as Jan’s brain child but quickly became a collaborative effort.  Veterinarians who have long worried about over-vaccination and vaccine-induced disease (VIDs) — friends and new acquaintances alike — have guided her, educated her and allowed her to publish their articles, studies and videos.  Pet lovers with vaccine-damaged dogs or cats have stepped up to spread the word and share their stories.   

Jan writes several blogs on holistic health care and consumer advocacy — Truth4Dogs and Blog4Dogs — and a fun, but informative free quarterly e-newsletter.

All proceeds from Jan work support research into the rabies vaccine and other research and educational projects.


  • Organized The 2010 Safer Pet Vaccination Benefit Seminar featuring world-renowned experts W. Jean Dodds, DVM and Ron Schultz, PhD
  • Raised $50,000 for the Rabies Challenge Fund and produced the Seminar DVD completely benefitting the Fund
  • Is the U.S. Correspondent for the Pet Welfare Alliance, a group of concerned veterinarians and experts around the world
  • Wrote the vaccination article for the 2011 nonprofit DrShowMore.org calendar and helped edit other articles
  • Organized an educational fundraiser for the nonprofit DrDoMore project
  • Has been featured on numerous television and radio shows and has had her articles republished in DogsNaturallyMagazine and on websites throughout the world
  • Is a writer for Raw Instincts Magazine.


Jean Hofve, DVM and Margo Roman, DVM are special friends of this website and long-time proponents of informed consent and prevention of over-vaccination.

World-renowned vaccine scientist Ronald D. Schultz, Ph.D, vaccination expert W. Jean Dodds, DVM and Rabies Challenge Fund Founder Kris Christine have helped Jan with years of questions answered; they have given Jan permission to post their work and have helped countless professionals and pet lovers around the world.  The world owes them more than most of us could imagine.

Thanks to Patricia Monahan Jordan, DVM for tirelessly sharing her knowledge and resources and to a growing list of veterinarians. Thanks also to other experts who have long been vocal opponents of over-vaccination; many of them have allowed publication of their work on this website:

Lisa Pierson, DVM
Donna Kelleher, DVM
Shawn Messionier, DVM
Christina Chambreau, DVM
Author Catherine O’Driscoll, Founder of PetWelfare Alliance and the Canine Health Concern
Maddie’s Institute
Raw Instincts Magazine
Celeste Yarnall, Ph.D, author of The Complete Guide to Holistic Cat Care with Jean Hofve, DVM and Natural Dog Care.

Other important supporters:

Pet welfare professionals: Want to join us as a supporter? Click the Contact link above left. 

Pet lovers: If you have a vaccination story to share, please click the Tell Your Story link.

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  1. Elisa Katz on February 17, 2016 at 7:27 pm

    Please update your information regarding Dr. Becker and Natural Pet Animal Hospital. It is now owned by me, Elisa Katz, DVM CVA CVCH CCRT. We still practice very judicious use of caccinations but are no longer offering phone consultations due to veterinary licensing requirements.

    • adminjr on February 27, 2016 at 1:05 pm

      Dr. Katz, thanks for writing. I’ll update the information. It looks like a great practice.

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