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Yorkie Encephalitis: Muffin’s Vaccine Reaction

August 11, 2012


Muffin was a healthy, happy little 1 1/2  year old pup who was full of life and enthusiasm, always off  on some adventure, and ready to play whenever anyone would give her the time of day.   She was very loving and affectionate, but quite the little explorer, and very independent.   She was known then, in her puppy training classes, as Miss Muffin.  Very bright, loving and full of the devil, she was always getting into mischief.

When my mom passed away 2 1/2 years ago, we needed to go back east for the funeral.  Although I wanted to take the girls with me, my family felt it would be better if they did not come, so I looked around for the most trust worthy sitter I could find to care for my two precious babies while I was gone.  Who better than my local Vet?  She boarded pets, I knew, and I trusted her completely, as she had been my vet for many years previously when my baby Merlin was still with me.  He too was a very tiny yorkie, so I felt completely safe leaving them.  They told me Muffin needed a rabies shot and they would take care of it while I was gone.  “No biggie,” I thought. Foolish Me!!! 

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IMHA (AIHA) : Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia

July 25, 2012

Bella in the hospital


This is what happened to our beautiful Bella when I took her and her sister to get their vaccines, She says: “If we had spent $ 70.00 for a titer test instead, I’d have my baby Bella right here in my lap right now.”
We’ve all received the post card from the Vet that says your dog is due for its shots. Pretty routine stuff, I used to think. After all, I’d been going to this vet for 21 years.  What would I possibly have to worry about, right?
This particular card was sent for Mercedes, our six year old Maltese.  I already had an appointment to get her and her sister, Bella, our three year old Maltese, groomed the following Monday. Because Bella would need her Bordatella shot for the groomer, I decided to take them to the Vet together.   
Upon arrival, we went into the room and they weighed 9 lb. Bella on the table. Her big sister, 15 lb. Mercedes, got weighed outside on the big girl scale.  The Vet came in and ask how the dogs were doing and if they had any problems.   I told her they have been healthy and had no problems at all.  Although her shots weren’t due for another two months, I asked the Vet if it was okay for Bella to go ahead and get her vaccines early since we’re already here for the Bordatella shot. The Vet said it would be just fine.  Read more »

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