Attention Veterinarians, vet techs, Certified Animal Welfare Administrators and others interested in serious education on titer testing see Dr.  Ron Schultz’s Saving Lives with Antibody Titer Tests speaking in a video approved for RACE continuing education credits.

Watch our 3-minute video on pet vaccine reactions and why they are important to avoid.

1. 4 important (very watchable) videos of interviews of Ronald D. Schultz, PhD, world-renowned vaccination expert. Watch them separately, or watch all 4 parts together in this video. The first video is also posted on our homepage.  

Watch the videos separately:

How Often Should You Vaccinate Your Cat or Dog?   Part 1 

The Alternative to Re-Vaccinating Your Pets Annually and Puppy Vaccination 

Interview Part 2

Interview Part 3 Vaccines and Reactions

Part 4

Learn all about the rabies vaccine (including special information on vaccinating cats) and how Dr. Schultz vaccintes his own pets (at 8.19 marker) Part 4  

2. DrDoMore:  This short 13 minute YouTube clip, cut from the original 35-minute video, contains interviews with the top holistic vets in the country: Drs. Richard Pitcairn, Jean Dodds, Ron Schultz, Steven Blake, Allen Schoen, Marty Goldstein and many others. This is a DVD by Dr. Margo Roman and documentary filmmaker Simone Hnilicka. Note: If you have you been trying to convince friends or family to feed their dogs better and vaccinate less, this is the perfect gift. Click here to purchase it. All proceeds (less shipping) benefit the nonprofit Center for Integrative Veterinary Care, a 501 (C)(3) corporation.

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3 Responses to Videos

  1. Cheryl on July 18, 2013 at 8:51 am

    I’m always concerned about vaccinations for my Westie.
    I always request as few shots as possible in a visit.
    My Vet always complies but really doesn’t feel it is necessary.
    I get my Westie the lime vaccine yearly because of ticks in the area. Is it safe? I do use front line plus. I don’t like to use it either, but I don’t like ticks.

    Thank you for making information available.
    I hope they make laws stronger to protect or pets from over dose.
    It seems the only thing that is important is charging more and more for something that may not even be needed.

  2. Jan on August 18, 2012 at 6:29 pm

    Thank you for this very informative series of videos on vaccinating. I am usually totally against ALL vaccines esp. for puppies but I see now that the core vacccines can be necessary. It was good to hear the info about the titer results as well. I have had that done on previous dogs & now understand more about the numbers. Thank you!!

    • adminjr on August 24, 2012 at 8:54 am

      Jan, I’m glad the videos were helpful. I hope you have signed our petition asking the veterinary community to fully informed us before vaccinating our pets. Information will hopefully stop redundant or completely unnecessary vaccination — especially in adult animals.

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