Canine Vaccine Injection-site Sarcoma

July 18, 2012

Zsazsa before the tumor erupted

Zsazsa, Angela Moran’s much-loved Chihuahua, developed an injection-site tumor after rabies vaccination.

Angela writing Monday, October 12, 2009

I had to have my Zsazsa put down this past week. The vet who helped me care for her said the only way to determine 100% her cancer was from the rabies vaccine was to do a biopsy. We agreed to have it done just for our piece of mind and to have her count if this vaccine caused her death. Dr. Amy went to the company who created the vaccine … and she feels the vaccine caused it and explained we have her brother who we are concerned about as well. [The manufacturer] has agreed to pay for the biospy and claim they have no reports of this vaccine causing this cancer in dogs. They are interested in the results. I applaud the Dr for contacting the company and getting them to agree to pay. She warned we couldn’t sue the company but it’s not about that, it’s about the dangers of the rabies vaccine and the numbers not being accurate.

Zsazsa’s tumor after rupture

Angela writing Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dr. Amy called today with the biopsy results [posted below] for Zsazsa. It was a soft tissue spindle sarcoma and/or with (not sure) peripheral nerve sheath tumor. Dr. Amy thought she had removed the entire tumor but based on the results it was much deeper and she said we made the right decision that Zsazsa would have needed radiation and chemo along with having to have her limb removed. She feels certain it is related to the vaccine and has reported the results to [the manufacturer].

Originally published here: Rabies Vaccine Injection-Site Tumors


Angela writing three months later about her dog Buster.


With Buster [not related to Zsazsa] we were told at first it wasn’t cancer and we continued to put him thru tests to have a second biopsy done (he was put under so they could go deeper) and it came back it was cancer. My boy’s pain was terrible, we tried 3 different pain pills and then finally a morphine patch along with 3 pain pills and he was still suffering. Surgery wasn’t an option so we had no choice but to have him put down. Because the location was on his high left shoulder they don’t feel it was related to his rabies shot. This location is where he got the DHLPP (this was before I knew of the dangers) along with his rabies at the same time. They don’t think it’s from the multiple shot but I disagree.

Sadly the loss of 2 of my babies has become quite the learning experience and I tell anyone I know who has a pet my stories and then I refer them to your website and to the rabies challenge fund website. I posted Zsazsa’s story on craigslist and received quite a few nasty emails saying Zsazsa’s pictures were fake or the story was not true. Rabies couldn’t cause that so I simply offer them copies of her paperwork showing the results and I tell them don’t take my word for it to simply go to your website and search the internet for more stories. Open their mind and not be afraid to challenge what has been programed in our minds by vets. I have talked with my vet and she said they are going to 3 year mulitple shots (better than yearly but still shouldn’t be muliple). In my case if there is any further shots I will definitely titer test first.  

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