Vaccination Associated Sarcoma — Freddy’s Story

August 18, 2012


Freddy survived for three and a half years from the first disagnosis and it cost over $26,000 for treatments and medicines which I am still paying off. Alan Lisitz

Freddy found me the day after Thanksgiving 1996- he was a stray kitten that came into my employer’s lunchroom meowing and hungry. He was so hungry that he ate almost half of my turkey sandwich. Several of my co-workers said that he was sent to me- he came directly to me and not anyone else in the lunchroom. It was a warm day and we had the door open.
I took him home that night and brought him to the 24 hour Vet Center in my community. He needed to be checked out and to make sure that he didn’t have any fleas, ticks, or other medical issues. He was found to be in good health and the vet gave me a flyer with all of the vacinnation guidelines. The vet did explain for me to watch the injection site and to call them if you notice any swelling after 24 hours as some cats and kittens can have a mild reaction. No word on any cancer or what other side affects can occur.

Over the years, Freddy received yearly booster shots and checkups. Four  years ago, he started losing weight and it was thought to be a overactive thyroid which was shown in the bloodwork. One night he was sleeping on the steps and I tripped over him. He started limping and I thought that I broke his leg. He was not in any pain and did not seem like he was hurt- except he was still limping. I brought him to the Vet to get an x-ray to make sure that there was no problem with his rear leg.
After the x-ray, the vet said that he has a large tumor between his leg and body- adominal wall area. Surgery was needed and a biopsy was necessary.I was shocked to hear this and the Vet said that it is a rare occurance but it happens occassionally. This is the reason why we ask that cat owners look at the injection site to make sure that there is no swelling for 24 hours. Freddy did not have any shots for over 8 months. 

Freddy after surgery

I left Freddy there and he untimately needed a large area removed due to the VAS spreading into the adominal wall. I went home and researched on line and found the VAS Support Group, along with many other sites with a wealth of information. I was extremely upset that I had no knowledge that so many side affects and cancer are caused by vaccines that supposed to protect cats from other illnesses.

I brought Freddy home and upon the recommendation of my vet- brought Freddy to an oncologist who was wonderful. Freddy actually looked forward to traveling there for chemo and radiation therapy. This went on for almost a month and the treatments worked for a while- the cancer was in remission. Follow up visits were required and everything was fine for 8 months.
I noticed a small lump on the perimeter of the incision area and the oncologist said it was time to operate again as the cancer returned. This time, the tumor sent out it’s tenticles and chemo and radiation were needed again.
Once he was finished with the latest round of treatments, freddy was put on oral chemo for a year to make sure that all of the cancer cells were gone. He has in remission again, but the cancer came back a month after he completed the oral chemo.
Freddy was a fighter and came back after all of these treatments and operations. He didn’t let the cancer stop him and healed up quickly after each of his 4 operations. He enjoyed sitting out on the deck and watching the birds and my gardens.
He survived for three and a half years from the first disgnosis and it cost over $26,000 for treatments and medicines which I am still paying off.
It is an outrage that vaccine manufacturerers are not held accountable and be made to pay for for treatments for all of our pets that are affected by their vaccines. We are legally required by law to vaccinate them- and they should by law be responsible for any major side affect such as cancer.
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One Response to Vaccination Associated Sarcoma — Freddy’s Story

  1. Susan Aiello on August 19, 2012 at 7:03 am

    Freddy was a beautiful and special cat, who for a little guy was definitely the king of Alan’s house. Alan has taken in strays over the years and had taken such wonderful and loving care of these cats. Freddy was a true fighter and was one brave kitty. He went through so much, and yet, after so many surgeries and treatments, Freddy always rallied. It always broke my heart seeing his surgery sites, and Alan took care of those wounds with such loving care. I know that despite the fact Alan has 3 other cats, Freddy was his main man and he is missed terribly. Unfortunately Alan suffered the loss of another cat soon after Freddy went to the Rainbow Bridge.. Baxter met Freddy at the Bridge.. Alan is a giving and caring person, who I admire for all of what he does for his cats. I loved Freddy and cried when I heard he was gone.. He was one cool cat for certain.

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