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About Dr. Elisa Foster

Dr. Elisa Foster

Hello! My name is Elisa Foster, and I am a veterinarian and animal behaviorist who loves nothing better than taking care of dogs, resolving their issues, and practicing the art of bonding with them. I want to share this passion with others, and so I embarked on a plan: I would share my experience and advice with others in order to help them to learn more about dogs and create an environment where people can understand what it’s like for these animals we take care of every day.

Professional Summary

Elisa Foster is a licensed veterinarian who has strived to deliver the highest level of veterinary care for every pet in a professional and ethical manner while ensuring that the client and their pet have an exceptional experience.

As an animal behaviorist, she observes how animals interact with their environment. She applies principles of animal behavior science to her work by researching the various methods of communication, instinctual responses, learning methods, psychology, and group interaction skills that animals have in order to make sure they are not problematic.

Dr. Elisa Foster is a SUNY Delhi, NY, Associate Professor of Agriculture at the School of Applied Science and Technology. Dr. Foster teaches courses in animal care & nutrition, veterinary animal science, livestock production management, food safety for animals/products, and careers in agriculture to undergraduate students. She also coordinates internships with local farms for students interested in pursuing careers in agriculture.

Dr. Elisa Foster has over 15 years’ experience working as an educator and veterinarian at Rutgers University (NJ) where she taught courses on feline medicine & surgery to graduate students specializing in veterinary sciences; supervised research projects involving dogs and cats; organized regional conferences/workshops on topics related to canine health issues;

Work Experience

Elisa Foster is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine. She has extensive experience in treating and diagnosing a diverse array of diseases and injuries in animals. Elisa has excellent public relations skills, communication skills, and interpersonal skills which have proven invaluable in her career as she has directed spay/neuter clinics for various animal welfare organizations. Mary also possesses excellent diagnostic skills that allow her to implement effective treatment plans for quick recoveries with minimal pain associated with treatments.

Throughout her career, Elisa has worked with animal advocates to promote animal rights and animal law. She currently acts like an animal behaviorist for the humane society, where she works to rehabilitate animals so they can be adopted by families.

Welcome to truth4pets.org

I’m Elisa, and I believe that every pet deserves the very best care possible. That’s why I’ve started this website to share my knowledge about pet health and safety with people.

As a veterinarian, I spent over a decade caring for animals of all shapes and sizes and learned lots of valuable lessons. I put these lessons into practice as an owner myself: my two beloved dogs are happy and healthy!

Dr. Robert Edward Matus

About Dr. Robert Edward Matus

Hello, I’m Dr. Robert Matus. I’ve been studying and practicing veterinary medicine for many years now and have seen a lot in my time when it comes to the health of animals like dogs and cats! From infectious diseases to cancer treatment, I can be relied on to answer any questions that you might have about your pet’s health.

Professional summary

Dr. Robert Edward Matus is a veterinarian and the owner of Animal Medical Center in Fort Worth, TX. He has had extensive experience as an animal caregiver through his years working with pets at home, veterinary hospitals, shelters, and clinics. Dr. Matus has dedicated his life to ensuring that all animals are treated with respect and kindness.

He loves nothing more than meeting new people who share their love for animals!

He provides professional, efficient, and exceptional service to all of his clients by educating them about the preventative care needs for their pets, diagnosing and treating diseases or injuries, prescribing medications for both humans and animals when necessary. His goal is to provide excellent service with great compassion while maintaining proper medical records so that each client can learn about their pet’s history if needed.

Work Experience

Dr. Robert Matus is a veterinarian who received his undergraduate degree from Indiana University, and then his Masters in Physical Education & Physiology from Purdue University. He earned a DVM from Purdue as well, before going on to complete internships at the Animal Medical Center in New York and Minnesota University for residency training in Internal Medicine and Oncology. Dr Matus is an AVMA-certified specialist who has been practicing medicine since 1991; he has worked with animals for more than 20 years now, including cats, dogs, birds, and small mammals such as hamsters or rabbits.

He’s also served as an Associate Professor of Clinical Sciences at the veterinary school of Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine since 2007.

Welcome to truth4pets.org

I’m Edward Matus and I started the PetCareLand website so I could help educate both present and potential dog owners about their pets, their behavior, and health.

We love dogs! We love learning about them. And we’d like to share what we learn with you.